Liposuction - What You Should Know & Expect

Weight loss can be a struggle, especially in the beginning. Few understand that fat loss is more than just burning more calories than consuming. That merely depletes the fat cells’ reserves. The fat cells remain behind and are eager to be refilled, making it easy for weight to return. Dr. Guy Trengove-Jones, of Plastic Surgeons of Hampton Roads, has been offering liposuction services in Norfolk, VA, to help people lose this fat for good.

What Causes Fat to Form?

Generally, fat forms when the calories we consume are greater than the calories we burn. These calories form and reside in fat cells.  

How Can Fat Be Lost?

The idea is that we burn fat only by consuming fewer calories than we burn. Our bodies then turn to the fat cells to make up for the calories. Unfortunately, emptying a fat cell does not cause the cell to die and disappear. The fat cell will remain, albeit empty. Because it is there, it can be easily refilled the next time a spare calorie is in the body. 

It almost takes extreme starvation to kill a fat cell that has formed. Alternatives include using concentrated cold, injecting a fat dissolver, or removing the fat.

What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a procedure in which a doctor will directly suck fat from specific areas of the body. 

What to Expect from Liposuction?

There will be some pain and discomfort. The skin is cut open and devices are inserted in order to suck out the fat. Incisions may be made to make it easier for fluids to drain for a little while after the surgery.

Post-surgery, there will be swelling and soreness in the immediate area. It will be expected that it may take a few days or weeks to return to work, depending on the area treated. 

After a few weeks, swelling will begin to subside and the treated area should appear leaner and more tone.

Are the Effects Permanent?

No. Liposuction is no substitute for a healthy diet. Just removing fat cells does not keep new ones from forming, should consumed calories continue to outnumber burned calories. Secondary issues, such as a fatty liver and heart, can not be treated by liposuction. Continuing to eat fatty foods after liposuction can continue to build fat around vital organs.

If Norfolk, VA, area residents have any questions about whether or not you could benefit from liposuction, contact Plastic Surgeons of Hampton Roads today for a consultation. Dr. Guy Trengove-Jones looks forward to helping you become your best self.  Call for more information and to schedule an appointment today at (757) 423-2166.



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