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What Are Grafts?

Did you have a motorcycle accident? Were you stuck in a fire? Some forms of physical trauma require extensive surgery and grafts in Norfolk, VA. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Guy Jones has been performing grafts for over 30 years and offers thorough, compassionate care for his patients.

What Are Grafts?

Grafting is a procedure where your specialist takes tissue from one part of your body and applies it or grafts it to another part of your body. The most common types of grafts are skin, bone, heart, and gum tissue grafts.

How Grafts Work

The main benefit of grafts is to assist severely damaged tissue in the body to regenerate. Most of the time, the body can heal itself, but sometimes, the trauma is too extensive or too severe. Grafting allows the body to use more cells to heal completely.

Your doctor will harvest tissue from one part of your body and apply it to the site that needs the graft. Your skin will heal over the edges of the tissue, affixing it firmly in place.

Kinds of Grafts

Meshed grafts are grafts done using expanded donor skin. This skin is perforated, like a mesh-like material. This kind of graft is helpful for skin that may not have much donor tissue available.

A sheet graft is a skin of skin that is laid over the damaged area and held into place with medical staples.

Talking To Your Doctor About Getting Grafts

Depending on the trauma, your doctor may elect to have you stay at the hospital for several days while you receive your grafts. Often, doctors will speak to their patients beforehand to answer any questions that the individual may have. Some questions to ask your doctor are:

  • When can I return to work?
  • How long is the healing process?
  • What do I do if there is a complication with my healing?
  • When can I drive?

Exploring your options concerning grafts in Norfolk, VA, should be simple. Call Dr. Jones at 757-423-2166 to find out more information and to set up a consultation.



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