• Why Choose Plastic Surgery?

    Your sense of beauty is as individual as you are. Yet for many individuals, nothing is harder to see than their own beauty. It's nearly impossible to be objective when looking at your own appearance. Almost everyone doesn't like some feature of their body. But for some individuals, real deformities,

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  • Precautions

    Cosmetic and plastic surgery are not panaceas. They can never achieve perfection nor can they change the way you feel about yourself. To be happy with your outcomes from cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures, you need to have realistic expectations. That means: 1. Nothing is perfect. The best doctors

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  • Plastic vs. Cosmetic Surgery

    It may seem like the terms "cosmetic" and "plastic" surgery are used interchangeably, but, in fact, there are differences between these two medical professional specialties. Cosmetic surgery applies to those procedures, techniques and treatments used to change the appearance of the body that are non-surgical.

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  • Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Tips

    Here are some tips to help you achieve a satisfying experience with your cosmetic or plastic surgery. Preparing for Surgery Talk to your physician and make sure you understand all the risks associated with any procedure you are considering - both common and uncommon risks. Make sure you are comfortable

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  • Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

    Three words summarize the most important characteristics to look for when choosing a cosmetic or plastic surgeon: qualifications, experience and comfort. 1. Qualifications count - Medical professionals in the United States have well-defined, stringent requirements for their professional training in

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  • Benefits of Plastic Surgery

    Whether you opt for a small procedure, like lip augmentation, or an extensive procedure, like a tummy tuck, cosmetic and plastic surgery offer some important benefits, including improved self-esteem, increased satisfaction with your appearance, and an increased desire for socialization. Depending on

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